Your best choice for on-site IT services

Hand pushing button on serverWe understand the importance of your IT and telecommunications infrastructure in keeping your business running, so we want to help you build it right the first time.

While each of our clients have the option of using local IT service providers or flying out their own in-house IT professional to an office location, they choose TechsNOW for a few key reasons:

  • WE’RE HONEST and will give them predictable quality services at a predictable price
  • WE STAND BY OUR WORK and will go out of our way to make sure our clients are satisfied
  • WE’RE FLEXIBLE when it comes to changing plans and won’t put any red tape between you and your job getting done

If you need structured cabling installed in 500 branch locations or warehouses in all 50 states, we’ve got you covered.  If you want to upgrade your PBX phones to a new, digital VoIP systems, we can do that to. TechsNOW specializes in large, complex projects and is ready to take on any challenge you have.

Find out how we can make your life easier

  • 24/7 service dispatch with an optional 4-hour national response time
  • Our network of over 3,500 trained professional technicians located nationwide
  • 5-year guarantee on all structured cable installations
  • TechsNOW Customer Service Portal for real-time access to detailed job status information
  • Programming support for all IT/telecommunications equipment

Moves, Additions, Changes (MAC) and Service Tickets

TechsNOW has the expertise to manage your IT and Telecommunications MAC tickets, anywhere in your enterprise. Working with your staff, or completely outsourcing this activity to TechsNOW, we are industry experts at customizing the process that best fits your business.

Whether your need is emergency service or a scheduled IT task, TechsNOW provides excellent support service. Our industry-leading Info-Track Project Management Suite will provide you with real time information via our secure web-portal on all MAC Service Ticket activities.

National IT / Telecom Staffing

We offer project-based or long term IT / telecommunications staffing nationwide. If you have a need to outsource IT functions in your organization and are looking for competitive rate structures, contact TechsNOW, we are glad to assist. We will take the pain out of supporting any IT / telecommunication function in your organization.

Provisioning Services/Programming for New Circuits, WAN/LAN or VoIP deployments

Our experienced staff can assist you with your IT services deployment by interacting with your telecommunications providers. We manage the entire process from provisioning issues to turn up and test of new services. If you are deploying MPLS, VoIP, or changing carriers or services, we can assist. In many of these instances, reprogramming of routers and other equipment becomes necessary and again, we can help.

Asset Management / IT Audits

We will take the burden off your asset management requirements. We offer turnkey solutions to the age old problem of how to account for communications assets housed in various offices scattered throughout the country. Our team assists in physical equipment audits, asset tag assignments, and asset relocation accountability. The ability to track your assets can prove useful in many areas including equipment lease returns.

Site Survey / Documentation Services

Let TechsNOW handle your IT site surveys and related documentation requirements. We understand industry-best practices. We assist in coordination of onsite resources and documentation creation and management. Our Customer Service Portal allows a central repository for all site survey information and documentation.

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